life is liking

Life is something which we can’t,

God give us life,

Life giving us relationships,

Relationship gave us love,

Love giving us feelings,

life is love

Feelings giving us tears,

But life is not finish,

Love is part of life,

Tears is essence of life,

Feelings is a gift of life,

Live life, live life, live life…………..

Love makes relations,

Tears are reason of broken relations,

Feelings share relations,

Overall life is name of evolutions,

tears n apart

We don’t have sense to write,

We don’t have god grace to write,

But we write as life is writer,

Heart have life, life have die,

That’s not all lie because god shy…………


Is i am in love?

for my love

for my love

When I see you, my heart beats faster.

Could it be that i’m in love?

When i’m with you I feel happy.

Could it be that i’m in love?

Somehow you’re starting to be everything that I think of.

Could it be that i’m in love? Could it?

beat faster
beat faster

So, you make my heart beat faster, you make me happy, and you’re the

only thought that’s in my mind. And, funny as it seems.You make me

dream doing the little things you do…those little things you do. So,

should I go for it and tell you how I really feel? It would be easier if life

was just like the movies, like the girl or the guy always get the one they

love at the end.

her smile snatch my heart beat

But I still don’t get why I love her, I mean if I do…Her

face, her eyes, and her black hair covering her beautiful face are

invading my heart…

its 4 u
its 4 u


Friendship is a two way street. If it is not fed from both sides, it will a trophy.

“Why do i always have to make the phone calls? How come you never call me?” this kind of complaint is a bad omen. corrosion has set in, because there is no real exchange. we have to have time plead a multitude of demands on our time.how important are those “demands”? If a friendship is to thrive, we have to face this question because a friendship cannot survive neglect. Write that letter, make the phone call, stop for a visit even if it isn’t your turn. Being available means to  listen not only what our friend is saying but what he/she is not saying or trying to say or cannot. Sometimes we are unavailable because we are afraid of getting hurt. So  we withdrawn to our tower, fill the moat, and pull up the drawbridge. This fear is there but we have to cope with it we have to be willing to suffer the agony of opening to others. We have to let down the bridge, open the gate. Soon we will discover that people will treat us gently. We have to risk it. More than anything we have to realize we cannot drain the cup of friendship, taking all. We can get of care, attention and concern without doing our share to refill the cup………………………